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  Crestview Properties is a team of professionals who have dedicated themselves to making the purchase of your home a pleasant and positive experience. Crestview Properties, established in 1985, has built hundreds of homes in the East Texas area. We take every step to ensure our customers feel good about their new home purchase. Customer service is built on honesty. Buyers who are well informed and well prepared usually enjoy the process more. Our primary goal is YOUR satisfaction.



Randy Parker


Randy has built a successful company with an impeccable reputation by being a fair and honest businessman. If he tells you something, you can count on it. Randy knows what to commit to and he has the added confidence that comes from knowing the entire organization is focused on fulfilling that commitment. He is the kind of person you like to do business with.



Jim Hughes

Partner and Building Coordinator

Jim brings over 22 years experience as a home builder to Crestview Properties. Jim works to maintain buyer satisfaction throughout the building process. He will listen to your requests, provide information and guidance when needed, and use common-sense flexibility in response. He will follow through on our promise to deliver design alternatives, dependable quality, luxury finishes and energy-saving construction in the home of your choice.



Laura Tedford

Partner and Sales/Marketing Manager


With a BBA in marketing from the University of Texas at Tyler, and a license to sell real estate in the State of Texas, Laura works successfully with buyer expectations. She understands that each buyer has different expectations and listens carefully to what buyers say they need or want. She also has a clear vision of what the company offers and is able to communicate that vision in a forthright manner to every buyer from the first visit through the entire process.


Mary Parker

Partner and Client Services

Although new to the building industry, Mary is not new to customer service. With her many years experience as an instructor in higher education, Mary will make every effort to see that the customer is satisfied at delivery. Crestview Properties recognizes the value of an effective orientation program. Your orientation will include an organized educational tour of your new home; and will establish clear product standards, as well as company policies for resolving orientation issues.