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The most expensive property in the world mamsha al saadiyat

Skyscraper Antilia

the most expensive residential building in the World, which cost slightly more than $ 1 billion. At the moment she is in possession of the super-rich Indian billionaire Mukesh Ambani. The house itself is situated in India and the height is 27 floors.

Constantly in the mansion is occupied by 6 people – the owner, his mother and wife with 3 children.

Height — 173 meters (about 60 floors and standard flats). A 6-storey Parking for 168 cars, a separate floor for the garden, a fitness hall, a dance floor, as well as:

  • 9 of elevators;
  • auto repair;
  • theater;
  • SPA;
  • hanging gardens;
  • ballroom;
  • 3 helicopter pads;
  • the mission control center.

The square is home to 37 161,27 m2 on a plot of 532 m2 4. The house is located in the India on Ytlamount road, where the cost of 1m2 is equal to $10000. Cater to house 600 people.

Skyscraper Antilia mamsha al saadiyat

Villa "Leopolda"

Villa "Leopolda" in France — in the past it was a castle that belonged to Belgian king Leopold 2, who later transformed it into a Villa. 11 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms. The Villa was shot in several films and it was planned by Roman Abramovich. Now the house owns Lily Safra (widow of banker). A few years ago he wanted to buy Russian mamsha al saadiyat businessman Mikhail Prokhorov for $ 500 million, but the deal never took place. But after this event the price of a house rose to 750 million dollars.

Ranch "Waggoner Estate Ranch"

 It is located in Texas and is in the 6 districts of the state. By area, it occupies 200 hectares. it Differs from all the other most expensive real estate that is estate from 7.5 thousand cows, 500 horses and 20 cowboy camps, and dozens of stables and barns. You can buy it for 725 million dollars.

Fair Field

 estate is the most expensive house in the United States, which is now owned by businessman Ira Renee. Its total area is 25.5 ha and it is located on the oceanfront with a wide beach strip in the photo it is not visible, but the ocean is in the upper right corner, where the road to the pier. The mansion has 29 bedrooms, 5 sites for sports, 39 wine rooms and much more. The cost now stands at 248 million dollars.

Apartment in "One Hyde Park" 

Is an apartment situated in London opposite Hyde Park. In addition to the usual rooms there are courts for playing squash and wine tasting. This apartment is famous for its high security. It is equipped with bulletproof Windows, scanner iris, "panic room" in which to hide from the attack and a secret tunnel for emergency evacuation. You can buy it for 237 million dollars.

Mansion "Kensington Palace Gardens" 

it is located in London on the "street of billionaires" and is owned by Indian businessman Lakshmi Mittal. What is inside the home is kept secret. But the price tag on it is 222 million dollars.

The estate "Ellison Estate"

This house is located in California in the possession of American businessman Larry Ellison (founder of Oracle). The total area of the estate is 10 hectares. there are 10 buildings, bath, pru fish and an artificial lake. IRS estimated this house at 73 million dollars, but its real value is $ 200 million.

Villa "Hearst Mansion"

It is located in Beverly hills in the possession of media tycoon Hearst William Randolph. It was constructed in 1926 and it was in this place the film "the Godfather". Villa size is 6,750 sq. m., on which there are 29 bedrooms, a private theatre and a disco and 3 large pools. You can buy it for 165 million dollars.
Hearst Mansion mamsha al saadiyat

Mansion "The Manor"

Located in the suburbs of Los Angeles. Externally it is made in the style of a French Chateau. The house itself consists of 123 rooms, but it still is adjacent Parking for 100 cars. Currently owned by Petra Ecclestone (daughter of the founder of "Formula -1" Bernie Ecclestone). You can buy it for $ 150 million.

In new York, is a 75 storey skyscraper. For 100 million $ for sale 3 upstairs. The total area of 475 m2, but the cost due to the gorgeous view from the window.

In the skyscraper at 432 Park Avenue apartment شقق للبيع في ابوظبي with Golf stimulator and a cinema. The advantage of this apartment is the building in which it is located. Its height of 425 meters, this 28-story building set on top of each other. Price – 90 million $.