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The economic mamsha al saadiyat nature of real estate

Targeted extraction of the material benefits characteristic to a greater extent for financial real estate. This is the meaning of the existence of such objects. Commercial real estate, investment properties and characteristics are determined by the attractiveness on the market. That is, indicators that determine the liquidity facility and its potential profitability in the eyes of a potential buyer or tenant. The construction of residential buildings is also an investment project and relates to the field of commercial real estate.

economic mamsha al saadiyat nature of real estate

Specialists in this field are engaged in architectural planning, technical design of the house and do the actual building, focusing on future investment attractiveness. But even after the completion of construction, of putting the building into operation and the transition of apartments in the residential real estate investment characteristics are maintained. For example, even the first client of the company, realizing the living space of this house, may consider the purchase not as the place for his future residence, and as a tool for financial investments with the subsequent profit in the sale.

The types of ownership of real property

The most common form of tenure is private property. The document confirming this right allows a particular person to dispose of certain real property at its discretion. There are different types of ownership of real estate from the standpoint of private ownership. Thus, there are individual and common property.
types of ownership yas acresThe second type occurs in those cases where a single non-separable object involves two or more owners. In this context, it is necessary to move to joint ownership, which is also regarded as a common but without the allocation of specific shares. If it is assumed the division of the property between the owners, then we can talk about another form of ownership – equity. Common property involves the yas acres formation of the common shares between the owners, but their exact dimensions are not specified. This may be the apartment of the spouses, which was acquired in marriage, on the General funds.


After all, the basis for the separation of real estate objects of different types and categories is the nature of the use. Based on the characteristics of future use, architects and builders form the performance of the object, which are laid at the development stage of the project and implemented on the job site. Provision and special legal properties that have different types of properties. In civil law, fixed a separate detention conditions, exploitation and committing of transactions for different categories of real estate. For example, the tax could apply to residential and commercial properties. Moreover, even within categories there is often a differentiation in the approaches to شقق للبيع في ابوظبي the elaboration of normative documents regarding the content and maintenance of those or other objects. This applies, in particular, observance of sanitary norms, rules and communal services, issues of fire safety, etc.