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Functions of the real estate market mamsha al saadiyat

The real estate market has a significant impact on all aspects of life and activities of people, performing a range of common and special functions. These features include the following: pricing, regulatory, commercial, sanitizing, information, Agency, incentive, investment, social.

One of the main functions of the real estate market — pricing is the establishment of equilibrium prices in which effective demand corresponds to the volume of proposals. At a price below the equilibrium occurs excess demand, and in case of exceeding the equilibrium price — excess supply. In the price of concentrates a large amount of information on saturation of the market, consumer preferences, construction costs, economic and social policy of the state in the sphere of housing and communal services, etc.

The regulatory function consists in the fact that the market, Autonomous functioning, redistributes resources in the fields of business and directs its members to the formation of the effective structure of the economy and the public interest.

The commercial function is to implement cost through the pricing of real estate and making a profit on invested capital.

Function scan — ego cleansing of the economy from uncompetitive and weak market participants, bankruptcy of inefficient. The liberation of the market from inefficient owners of businesses and other properties leads to increased stability and economic growth.

Information function is a unique market method of quick collection, analysis and dissemination of the Home real estate mamsha al saadiyatgeneralized effective information that allows sellers and buyers of real estate freely, knowledgeably make decisions regarding properties in their own interests.

Intermediation function is reflected in the fact that the market acts as the cumulative intermediary and a place of meeting many independent and economically isolated as a result of social division of labor buyers and sellers by connecting them and providing the opportunity alternative choice of partners. Operate on the market of real estate and professional intermediaries — realtors, appraisers, agents, brokers, insurers, mortgage lenders and other persons providing services to interested parties.

Stimulating a function, ultimately, is in the form of economic profit promoting the effective implementation of achievements of scientific-technical progress in the creation and use of real property. Competition is forcing cost-and maintains high business activity and search for new possibilities of effective management of real property.

The investment function is that the real estate market is an attractive method of preservation and capital appreciation. It facilitates mamsha al saadiyat the transfer of savings of the population from a passive form of stocks in the real productive capital, income-generating property owner.

The social function is evident in the growth of labor activity of the population, raising the intensity of labor of the citizens, aspiring to become owners of apartments, land and other capital and prestigious facilities. From property owners, in General, formed a middle social stratum of society. As a result of repeated redistribution on the market of enterprises, land, buildings and facilities ultimately transferred to strategic investors, providing high-performance use.

In addition to the above functions, we can identify a number of features of the market of real estate, concerning real estate and have great social significance:

• the creation of new real estate objects;

• operation (management) of object (objects) of real estate.

As a result of performing these functions in the property market carried out various kinds of operations associated with the change of ownership, partial or complete changes in the ownership structure, without changing the ownership structure. All of these operations in conditions of market economy is the real estate market, using market mechanisms, but because they are in the real estate market.The text size exceeds the maximum

One of the promising directions of development of leasing in Ukraine is the leasing of real estate. Unfortunately, the topic of real estate leasing does not receive sufficient illumination even in specialized publications, despite the fact that leasing real estate is interesting because of the nature of the object of the transaction in leasing of real estate, compared to movable property.

Leasing of real estate — this concept is part of our life, when the question arises "How to purchase the building if the company did not have enough money? And even so this purchase streamlined tax liability?"

It is necessary to designate the concept of "leasing" and note some significant differences between the concepts of real estate leasing and leasing of equipment, machinery, machines, etc.

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Let's start with the definition of "lease". Leasing - the word is of English origin, originating from the verb lease - rent or take property for rent. Leasing began its life in English-speaking countries and soon became a very common operation in the U.S. leasing is 45% of the production equipment, in Japan 33, in Germany - 18; in the United States shall be 19% of computers available, 12.5% of the aircraft, 86,7% of trucks that 5.5% of the property .

Leasing — type of investment activities to acquire property and transfer it on the basis of the agreement of leasing to physical or legal persons for a certain payment, for certain term and on certain conditions specified in the contract, with the right to purchase the property by the lessee.

The leasing subject can be any real property, including enterprises and other property complexes, buildings, constructions, equipment, vehicles and other movable and immovable property that can be used for business.

In any company there is often a need to acquire real estate property, whether an office building or premises. However, a one-time diversion of substantial funds for such a purchase is often ineffective.

Contacting the Bank also may not produce the desired result, domestic banks are still reluctant to provide "long-term loans". To solve the problem, the head of the company should use leasing of real estate, in which it is permitted to send to the lender as collateral property acquired in accordance with the purpose of the loan.

Contractual framework of deals for leasing of real estate is practically no different from transactions with other objects of leasing. It is based on a leasing agreement between the lessor and the lessee and agreement of purchase and sale between the leasing company and the seller of the property.

The lease agreement of the property, usually accompanied by a credit agreement (agreement on attracting financial resources) and the pledge agreement (collateral, etc.). In parallel with the contract of sale of immovable property is شقق للبيع في ابوظبي a contract for the lease of land where the real estate object — the subject of leasing real estate. And at last the contract is not subject to the benefits associated with leasing (namely, the right of accelerated depreciation of an object ratio of not more than 3 and the subsequent transfer of ownership to the lessee after fulfilling all obligations under the lease contract of real estate).